Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Rock Star

We are having a mini concert at church tonight and The Rock Star will be "performing" one of his songs. He raps! He writes his own songs, puts the music to it, and records it on the computer. Pretty nifty huh? Your question may be, why is he called The Rock Star if he raps? Well being that he is 14 and all, he has a tendency to change his mind from time to time (day to day) about the things he is interested in. He has a guitar (well actually he has a bass, an electric, and an acoustic), a keyboard, and a set of drums. Are you getting the picture? I guess I could change his name to the rapper. Anywho....he does a momma proud. I always get a little teary eyed when he's on stage. If you are in LaGrange come out to the Turnaround Christian Center at 7:00 and check him out! You will not be disappointed, although I am a little biased.


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