Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am looking for some ideas for lunch for The Rock Star and Silly. We are not big sandwich eaters, nor do we eat PB&J! I know, I know! Who does not like a good PB&J sandwich? Them and me! YUCK! Now, Bip Poppa, that's a different story. He loves the swirl kind. Anyway, we've tried many a thing. The Rock Star can use the microwave and he LOVES meat (funny how that works because when he was little he hated meat. He would chew it up and spit it out), but Silly can't. If she takes something that needs to be heated I pop it in the microwave before we leave in the mornings so that it is room tempature at lunch time. Did I mention the reason they take their lunch? It's not because the lunch at school tastes bad. It cost $3.75 a day per person. No lie! So help me out and give me some good ideas.

Hope you all are having a good Tuesday!



LyndsAU said...

The ever so good cheese sandwich :)
Turkey is good and healthy! :)
You need to get Silly one of those thermoses that keeps stuff hot. I had one in HS and I loved it! It's small enough to carry in a lunchbox!

Julia said...

what about fresh fruit or vegetables and a throw away container of ranch? or possibly cheese and crackers. yeah a thermos would be good. or just an insulated lunch box, if it is hot when it leaves the house, maybe it would stay warm if the heat stayed in? 'cause coolers work both ways they keep things hot or cold.