Monday, September 29, 2008

It's official

Well, it's official The Rock Star has a new girlfriend. Oh, did I mention who it is? No. It's our Pastor's daughter. Help!!!!!!!!! Has he considered the ramifications of this? No. She is quite precious though so, we''ll see how it goes.
Moving on, when I took Silly to school today I had to leave her crying and reaching out for her momma. It was all I could do to wait till I got to the car to cry myself. And for what? When I picked her up the teacher said she had a great day and Silly even said she liked it. PTL! There's actually a little girl that she already knew in her class.
The Rock Star starts his new school tomorrow. They have over 400 freshman there. There wasn't even 400 kids at his last school from daycare to 12th grade much less one grade. He's pretty level headed so he should do fine. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed.
Nothing like having more reasons to pray.


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Anonymous said...

Well I'm so glad it's official and we're not all left wondering what the text messages mean any more!