Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's been a long time!

Wow-I can not believe I just stopped blogging. What was I thinking? Another year has come and gone and since there may be some changes coming our way in the next 5 or so months I figured I may need to get back in the habit! But, more on that later!
I will catch you up on all things us in a few days, but for the time being I just want to say that being a wife and mother can be very very busy!
This was my day yesterday which was actually Monday for me because I was off from work for 5 days! Good times!
Because my work schedule is Monday through Friday 8-5, I get the kids up & to school. Before lunch my son calls to say it is off campus lunch & he don't have his permission slip. OK-I can't take you (you will see why) or go get the paper. Well, can't you just call? He gets permission to go from someone that works there (name cannot be disclosed, b/c I will need something else before the year is out and school has only been in session for a little over a month). Because I am that mother I am not too crazy about him riding with other teenagers, but I let him go anyway against my better judgement or my need to control. Either way......I take my lunch break at 2:15 so that I can go pick my precious little angel up from school & drop her off at my neighbors-thanks to the new school hours her brother gets home an hour later. How does that help working parents that have younger children? Oh it wasn't changed for us.
So I stop at the store to get my pla a snack for the ride home & the lady in front of me hobbles up to the counter with her 2 Colt 45's, oh wait she needs 2 bottles of pine sol, she pays, oh wait she needs a black & mild cigar, she pays, but oh wait-hey honey (to the other clerk behind the counter-the lottery money person) is that those spicy Cheetos I like? Really? Really? I only have an hour! I finally make it to the car rider line & pick up my pla & drop her off. Well, since the brother has a doctor's appt. I have to pick him up as well to drop him off to his dad. Pick him up & stop at the store to get him a snack, get the stuff, make our way to the counter & the power goes out at the "convenient" store. I still only have an hour! Put the stuff back, go to the next store b/c there is one on every block. Hubs meets me at work to change cars & head to the Doctor's office which is 45 minutes away. Called to get him directions which I wrote down & gave to him b/c GPS takes you out of the way (go figure). Over an hour later I get a call from him saying he is almost 20 min. in the other direction! Now late for the appt. he calls them (b/c I wrote the phone number down too) to get directions! He called me back to tell me I gave him the wrong directions that "they" gave me! Anyway, they make it before they close.
I guess all is well that ends well, but still busy none the less.

Be back soon!