Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Girl Time

Enjoyed spending time with my girl last night. We went to Chic fil a for kids night where she got some great face painting done by the FABULOUS Ms. Bobbie and went home to make these for her class.

It will be my turn tonight to take Seth to his acting class in ATL.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Slow Motion

Have you ever seen something happening in slow motion & you wanted to do something to help, but you just couldn't? Well, that was me this morning. While trying to get out the door my PLA knocked her milk off the TV table. I went to the kitchen to get a towel and as I was coming back around the corner she was too close to me and I stepped on her shoe and she started falling down the stairs sslloowwllyy. All I could do was stand there and watch her. (I know-bad, bad mommy) She was rolling so slow I thought she would stop after a step or two, but she didn't. It was all the way to the bottom for her! Me & the Rapper were just standing there looking dumb founded. Until he went to the bedroom to LAUGH! She was fine-just scared her a little.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's been a long time!

Wow-I can not believe I just stopped blogging. What was I thinking? Another year has come and gone and since there may be some changes coming our way in the next 5 or so months I figured I may need to get back in the habit! But, more on that later!
I will catch you up on all things us in a few days, but for the time being I just want to say that being a wife and mother can be very very busy!
This was my day yesterday which was actually Monday for me because I was off from work for 5 days! Good times!
Because my work schedule is Monday through Friday 8-5, I get the kids up & to school. Before lunch my son calls to say it is off campus lunch & he don't have his permission slip. OK-I can't take you (you will see why) or go get the paper. Well, can't you just call? He gets permission to go from someone that works there (name cannot be disclosed, b/c I will need something else before the year is out and school has only been in session for a little over a month). Because I am that mother I am not too crazy about him riding with other teenagers, but I let him go anyway against my better judgement or my need to control. Either way......I take my lunch break at 2:15 so that I can go pick my precious little angel up from school & drop her off at my neighbors-thanks to the new school hours her brother gets home an hour later. How does that help working parents that have younger children? Oh it wasn't changed for us.
So I stop at the store to get my pla a snack for the ride home & the lady in front of me hobbles up to the counter with her 2 Colt 45's, oh wait she needs 2 bottles of pine sol, she pays, oh wait she needs a black & mild cigar, she pays, but oh wait-hey honey (to the other clerk behind the counter-the lottery money person) is that those spicy Cheetos I like? Really? Really? I only have an hour! I finally make it to the car rider line & pick up my pla & drop her off. Well, since the brother has a doctor's appt. I have to pick him up as well to drop him off to his dad. Pick him up & stop at the store to get him a snack, get the stuff, make our way to the counter & the power goes out at the "convenient" store. I still only have an hour! Put the stuff back, go to the next store b/c there is one on every block. Hubs meets me at work to change cars & head to the Doctor's office which is 45 minutes away. Called to get him directions which I wrote down & gave to him b/c GPS takes you out of the way (go figure). Over an hour later I get a call from him saying he is almost 20 min. in the other direction! Now late for the appt. he calls them (b/c I wrote the phone number down too) to get directions! He called me back to tell me I gave him the wrong directions that "they" gave me! Anyway, they make it before they close.
I guess all is well that ends well, but still busy none the less.

Be back soon!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photo Shoot

The Rock Star had a photo shoot on Saturday with Holly. She did an amazing job. Here's a few I took from behind the scenes! I couldn't help myself.

Such a cutie! I love this kid!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Would there ever be a time that it is ok to give a 6 year old an ice cream sandwich for breakfast? I, of course would never do such a thing. Although, the ice cream could be considered dairy and the sandwich part could be considered bread-well that may be pushing it, but anyway...................

Friday, September 11, 2009

What's on your table?

This is what was on mine last night. Big Poppa had a romantic dinner planned for us out on the deck. Complete with Al Green playing in the background. He did good!
I hope everyone has a great weekend and I pray we never forget the ones that lost their lives on this day. 9/11

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I love my mop & Fred's!

Crazy huh? I have white linoleum in my kitchen and have had a very hard time trying to get and keep it clean and scuff free. Until now that is. I've seen the magic eraser mop, but I am too cheap/frugal/whatever to buy one. I was in Fred's the other day, which by the way I love, and there it was. A cheaper version of the magic eraser mop. It was only $4.99 and has been worth every penny. My kitchen floor looks brand new.
Oh the things we ladies get excited over.
Hope your rainy Tuesday has been a good one.