Monday, October 27, 2008

Such a gentleman!

The Rock Star never ceases to amaze me. After church Sunday my Pastor's wife (which is his girlfriends mother and for the sake of future posts we will call her The Guitar Player b/c she plays the guitar) told me that he came to her to let her know that he really liked her daughter and that she could trust him because he was a good kid and that he would never put any kind of pressure on her. I got all teary eyed! I was sooooooo proud of him. In case he reads this, you make a momma proud and I love you with everything that is within me.



LyndsAU said...

awwww-what a great kid he is indeed! :) that was so sweet and such a mature thing to do!!

Julia said...

you should be proud! way to teach your son to respect the women in his life!