Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun

I hope everybody is ready for their sugar high! Good times! We haven't always "done " Halloween. Sad, huh? We were too christian for it. can now judge me. Just kidding! However, we have always done the fall festivals or trunk or treat at church and we will sort of be doing that tonight. We will be at church which is also the Turnaround Christian Center/skating rink and Big Poppa will be preaching at midnight. I hope I can stay up that late. HA! They will be having an all night skate too.
So, I go to Wal Mart LAST night because that is basically the only place where we live to buy anything to find some kitty stuff for Silly. Well, because I went LAST night they didn't have any. She decided she would be Hannah Montana instead. After looking at the $20 plastic dresses we decided on a HM t-shirt with sleeves that are detachable (sort of 80ish). At least she can wear again. I let her wear her down with a head band for the full effect. She has some massive hair!
The Rock Star bought some Georgia pajama bottoms to wear. He wanted to prepared for the all night skate.
I love this explanation of "doing" Halloween.
I hope you have a good one.


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Pete Wilson said...

Hope you guys have a blast.