Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I do NOT like to iron, but I do NOT like wrinkled clothes even more. So, every night I iron The Rock Star's, Silly's, and my clothes. I know she's only 5, but still! Anyway, I ask The Rock Star to get me his clothes out so that I can get them ready for the next day and this is how our conversation went.......
me: Give me what you are wearing to school.
TRS: Do these jeans match this jacket?
me: No!
TRS: Sighing-no blowing-no huffing.
me: You need black jeans.
TRS: OK-giving me the black jeans.
So, I get his jeans and t-shirt ironed.
TRS: Can you iron my jacket?
me: Are you kidding me right now?
TRS: No, look how wrinkled it is.
me: It's a jacket!
TRS: I can't wear it like that.
So, I iron his jacket.
How crazy is that? He is 14 for crying out loud. We are little OCD about our clothes. The Rock Star likes to look good, Silly likes to match-hair bows and all, I just like a lot of clothes, and Big Poppa, well he irons his own clothes because he thinks he irons better than me. Oh well, I have enough to do anyway.



A Belle and her Beau said...

you are such a good mama ... ironing that boys jacket and all :)

LyndsAU said...

you are a good lady :) i am surprised you don't iron underwear :) ha!

LyndsAU said...

i tagged you!!

Anonymous said...

haha! that does remind me of when my mom would iron my underwear (i never asked her too, she just wanted to)! You're such a great mom!