Thursday, August 14, 2008


Is it just me or does anyone else in the universe have a problem with being on time? I just cannot get where I need to be on time. Oh well, maybe next time. Um, yeah right!

The church meeting went well. We all need to be put in our place every now and again. Thank God for Godly leaders who are willing to do what is right for the kingdom. We love you Pastor Jeff and Pastor Phyllis.

If there are ladies out there that need a daily devotion go to and subscribe. You will not be disappointed.

Today is my daddy's birthday! So, a great big Happy Birthday to him. I love you daddy! FYI I pronounce that deddy!

Hope everyone's day is going good,

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LyndsAU said...

Even though I am sick I am still checking in!!! :) You are an inspiration!! :) Happpy Birthday Tracy's dad!