Friday, August 15, 2008

Can anybody say they are glad it's Friday?

I can! It's been a long week. I got the results from my doctor's visit this week and all is well. Praise God! Some ladies from our church are going to a ladies conference tonight to hear Beth Stephens. If you haven't heard of her you should check her out at I can't wait!
The Rock Star is having his first football scrimmage game today. He looked so handsome in his jersey. Good luck son! Fellas, please take it easy on him. Big Poppa is in charge of taking pictures. I took a couple this morning. I just couldn't resist. Silly is going to her Granny's for the evening and is too excited.

Hope everybody has a good one!



A Belle and her Beau said...

I am glad its Friday...hallelujah!

brandiandboys said...

hope the football scrimmage went well! i'm sure i'll be attending many of those before i know it!