Friday, May 29, 2009

You got sum splaining to do Lucy...

My friend sent me this article about "Multiracial People Now Fastest Growing U.S. Group". (not just black and white) Obviously, from our photo you can see we are a multiracial family. On to the not so self-explanatory part. The Rock Star is perfectly happy with his race, he thinks it makes him hotter (not sweaty), cooler, and loved by all, but Silly is a whole nuther (is that a word) story. She will argue with you all day that her bubby is black like his daddy and she is white like her mommy. So, maybe it's time I stop letting her think whatever she wants and tell her the cold hard facts. She's going to be devastated to say the least. There will be flailing and lots of tears. Just kidding! For those of you who don't know us in real life, we are very down to earth kind of people and know the importance of who we are. It has not always been easy either. I will share that story one day soon.

Have a good weekend!


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JM said...

awwww, tell her she's beautiful until she believes it because she is.