Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

OK, I have a confession to make and it ain't no April Fool's. Last week Big Poppa was off from work a day during the week and Silly caught wind of this. (Hence my last post) She decided she is not going to school and is going to stay home with her daddy. Because I am always on time (yeah, right) I was like whatever and me and The Rock Star were out the door leaving Big Poppa with.....There are her clothes, if you want her to go then get her dressed and take her. Needless to say she got to stay home.
Big Poppa was off today as well. He dropped me off first, then The Rock Star, and then Silly. I get a call from him about 30 minutes later saying Silly had hit the teacher, flung herself on the floor at school and refused to go with her because she wanted to go with him. I was thinking well that could be true (the flinging part not the hitting part because we don't hit), I mean she is 5 and sometimes they do flail about. He proceeded to tell me that we had to go in for a conference about it and I was like I am not going, um, you are off you can go. That's where the April Fool's part came in. I did not think it was very funny. Maybe it's because I am a little sensitive when it comes to my babies and teachers. Anywho, I do feel the need for a little revenge. Anyone got any good ideas?
On another note, The Rock Star is officially passing all of his classes. Thank you Jesus!



amberbaldridge said...

haha that's awesome! I don't have any ideas for an April Fool's joke that you could play on him, but I'll be thinking.

Julia said...

I'm a big fan of faking a pregnancy for April fool's - works on my mom EVERY year! and you have a handy and convenient access to a pregnant lady to do the test for you! but that might be a bit gross! anyway that's my 2 cents worth!

LyndsAU said...

girl i hate april fools! hate it :) but i think Julia's idea is FAB!