Friday, December 19, 2008

Random Pictures

I had to get a new USB thingy for my camera so I could share some pictures with everyone.

This is a house in our neighborhood! Ummm, things have sure changed over the years when it comes to outside decorations.
Silly and her friend the "turkey'.
My brother at his retirement ceremony.
Three peas in a pod! These three were inseparable while we were there.
Like everyone else, next week will be busy, busy, busy for me. I still have lots to get done, so if you don't hear from me before Christmas I hope everyone has a blessed holiday and remember to take time to recognize what it's all about. May God be glorified!


LyndsAU said...

sweet pictures... :)

I Make It Hurt So Good said...

That house reminds me of two in my neighborhood that are next door to each other. You can see their Christmas decorations from space.