Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blood Pressure

It's amazing how your blood pressure level can go from normal to off the charts in like 0.5 seconds. I've posted before about the parking situation here at our lovely campus. So, I go out to leave for lunch and I am parallel parked between 2 cars. The one in front of me is too far from the curb and the one behind me is too close to the curb. It took me 10 minutes, 75 times of pulling forward, backing up, 5 times getting out of my car, and about 9 inches from hitting the bumper of the car behind me before I could even get out of the parking space. By the time I was done I was sweating and my face was burning hot. I wonder if anybody was looking out their window to witness such a thing. If they were I'm sure they were laughing. At least that's what I can do now. Good times!


1 comment:

LyndsAU said...

dude-i have so done this before and i know exactly what you mean about getting all flustered about it!