Friday, March 13, 2009

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

First things first-The good, the great, the fablious, (Silly's word) The Rock Star won first place last night in a talent show! WooHoo! Nothing like a $50 visa gift card. Congrats son, I am so proud of you. Big Poppa and I are your biggest fans!The Bad! Have you ever looked in your purse to find one of these? No? Well, after the show last night the family and 3 of The Rock Star's fans (ha) BF's went to Taco Bell and Silly didn't want her taco so she put it in my purse. As I was digging for my keys this morning this was what I found.
Now, The Ugly! Does this sweater look familiar to anyone? I do NOT like horror movies at all, but long ago I did watch the one where the man wore this sweater. No, we don't live on Elm Street, but we do live on Englewood Street and the last couple of weeks have a been a complete and total NIGHTMARE for me. Sorry, but I am not to the point that I can elaborate here (yet anyway-one day maybe). Praise God it's over and The Rock Star brought our week to an end on a good note.

How has your week been? Good? Bad? Or just down right Ugly?



LyndsAU said...

Awesome-Go Rockstar :)

amberbaldridge said...

Yay for winning things! I think it's awesome that you found a taco in your purse. And a little gross.

I Make It Hurt So Good said...

I think if I had a purse a taco would not be the absolute last thing I'd want to find in it...but it'd be near the bottom of the list.