Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The Rock Star is grounded for life. Just kidding! But he is grounded indefinitely. I have finally stuck to it after 14 years of saying it one day and giving in the next (he has his mother's heart on a string). It's not because he did some horrible thing, but he has been having some difficulty with his grades so until they are all in good standing he has no cell phone (his life line), computer, girlfriend, 4-wheeler, or skating. He can't go anywhere or do anything. After 2 short weeks he has pulled 2 grades up and has 2 more to go. By Thursday he will have stayed after school 3 days this week to get extra help. Poor Silly is also suffering the consequences. They usually go skating every Friday night. She said it just wasn't fair that her bubbie was grounded. It has been very peaceful around our house without all the hustle and bustle of going here and there. Amazing how fast they can learn when they have to.


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LyndsAU said...

You go girl! :) Proud of you! It really is doing him loads of good!