Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stuck in the Mud

So, yesterday Silly was sick and I had to keep her home from school (because Big Poppa would not want any dad to be the recipient of what he was the night before-sometimes Taco Bell just does not mesh well with a 5 year olds little tummy). Anywho, back to the picture. As the day went on I decided I would "help" Big Poppa out (being the sweet and helpful wife that I am) and load some stuff on the back of his truck for him to take to the dump. To do this I needed (well maybe not needed) to pull his truck around to the back of the house to load the stuff up and as I am going around the side of the house I begin to slide in the wet mud that is hidden underneath the leaves! I guess I forgot that when it rains for a couple of days in the winter it probably takes longer for the ground to dry out afterwards. When I start to slide I turn the wheel towards my next door neighbors yard so now not only am I slinging mud and digging holes in my yard, but the nice Pastor's yard too! I get out and access the situation! LOL! I go in to call Big Poppa to let him down easy and The Rock Star says he knows what to do. LOL! He gets some wood to put under the tires to get some traction-whatever-and tells me to give it a try. Deeper holes, more mud slinging. My neighbor, the Pastor comes home in the mean time and offers his help as well. Between him, The Rock Star, another neighbor boy, a chain, and some pulling/pushing we were able to get the truck out of the mud just as Big Poppa pulls in the driveway.
My day was eventful. How about yours?



amberbaldridge said...

haha! sounds like fun tracy!

LyndsAU said...

ok i just pictured this in my head and i am cracking up!! next time have silly take picturs-haha

I Make It Hurt So Good said...

This made me laugh so hard. I can only imagine this playing out, Strammy.

And I agree with Lynds...have Silly take pictures!!