Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Rock Star

The Rock Star will be performing this Friday, May 1st at Zoo City in Columbus, GA. If you are in the area come out and help us cheer him on. If you would like to hear a sample of his music go here and check it out. I especially like the one titled "baby girl" that he wrote for his BG. Too sweet! He will have a 20 minute time slot and this will be the first time he has done more that one song at a time. We are super excited.

Hope to see ya'll there!



sherri said...

I clicked through and listened to the rock star's song "Baby Girl". It was great! And how proud you must be that he is rapping about the KING!

I'm too far away to go see him, But I wish him all the best!
My son's band is not Christian music, but I feel like one day he'll come back to his roots.

I still enjoy his music though.
A gift is a gift.

JM said...

I just listened to his music as well. So cute! Miss you Tracy, hope everything is going well in LaGrange!